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CREATTRY is headquartered in 2401 Clifford Street, Plano, Texas, USA. US company (headquarters) NxNet Systems, inc. Registration number: 800115757 Website: Over the years, we have been working on indoor air quality, the impact of indoor temperature and humidity on the human body, the relationship between indoor oxygen content and the efficiency of human work and study, the impact of climate change on indoor air quality, and indoor pollution sources and fresh air pollution The role of. We adhere to the relevant standards on the basis of the United States, formed its own unique ventilation ideas and technology, its products to health, comfort, energy saving, environmental protection as the highest principle, to create high-end indoor fresh air system as its mission.

2015, in order to open up the global emerging markets, the company in the beautiful Taihu Lake in Wuxi Wuxi set up a new wind Technology Co., Ltd., specializing in mainland China indoor environmental problems, for China haze weather and indoor decoration pollution research and development of air purification fresh air to meet consumption The need for healthy breathing.

In order to better understand the Chinese market, as soon as possible so that the United States of fresh air technology in the domestic research and development for the current air pollution products, we and Southeast University School of Environment and Energy to reach a cooperative intention to optimize the allocation of academic achievements and research and development equipment, we have research and development Out of 5 large series, more than 10 kinds of fog haze weather for air purification fresh air